rrricanes is a more comprehensive dataset of Atlantic and Pacific cyclones but only those since 1998. It gives access to as-issued text products for past and current cyclones including forecast and structure data.

HURDAT is a dataset from the Hurricane Re-Analysis project. It contains storm data for hundreds of cyclones for storms that have developed in the northwestern hemisphere (Atlantic and Pacific) since 1851.

A data extraction project analyzing rainfall, pressure, wind and tornadic activity reports during the landfall of Hurricane Harvey, 2017

ncdc_storm_events is a data cleaning and exploratory analysis project examining a NWS database of weather events, damages, injuries and fatalities for recorded observations since 1950.

Exploratory Analysis for the Connors RSI trading strategy. The backtest trades tickers IWM, QQQ, SPY and TLT and compares the results versus a buy-and-hold strategy for the same symbols, as well as against a benchmark symbol (SPY).

Initial project to analyze my twitter patterns

Book on backtesting strategies in R using blotter, quantstrat, FinancialInstruments, TTR packages.

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An interviewer recently commented about 50% of initial coding interviews failing what seemed to be very simple questions. I take a look at the questions and demonstrate the best way to answer them.

I want to find the top 5 tags (by post count) on Stack Overflow and include the top 5 posts per tag by score. For this, I will use the Stack Exchange Data Explorer.

Given Employee and Department tables, we are asked to JOIN the tables and bring the top three employees (no ties) of each department.

An introduction to running RStudio within Docker.